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Ariana K.

Dr. Benson and his staff are amazing. They are always so welcoming and positive we feel like we are part of a family. Using the power plate and getting regular adjustments has helped my daughter tremendously with proper alignment and building strength. We are so glad to have found them, and we highly recommend them.

Diane B.

Dr. Ron is the best. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for him. The office staff is amazing as well, always willing and able to assist with scheduling changes or exercise recommendations.

Yesenia T.

I’ve been going here for the past 2 years. Super friendly staff and Dr. Benson is a great chiropractor who knows what he’s doing. All the staff truly cares about all of their patients and their health. Definitely recommend!

Chris O.

I have been to many good chiropractors over many years, But because my range of motion was so limited, I needed to try something new and drastic. On the word of a friend, I gave Dr. Ron a try. He went over my X-ray thoroughly, and he worked out a plan to help me try to gain my life back. His understanding, kindness gentleness and expertise has enabled me to not live in pain and discouragement. His approach to healing is refreshing and innovative.

Lupe Zambrano

Hi my name is Lupe I’ve been seeing Dr. Ron for 3-5 years now. I started off seeing him for my TMJ. My jaw would lock up with every meal, I would have to slow down, take breaks in between. I would only get half way or not even half way through a meal before starting to feel pain or not be able to open my mouth all the way. I really can’t remember the last time I experienced that, it’s been a while. I go see him every other week now and it has been great keeping up with maintenance and keeping my jaw up to date and even getting better. Thank you Dr. Ron.

Jintao S.

Dr. Ron helped to adjust my spine. Since the first visit, I barely had back pain. I highly recommended him.

Rossy G.

I had an accident over a year ago and I never did anything about it. I was in so much pain all the time. I'm so thankful that Dr. Benson was able to help me! Becoming his patient was the best thing I ever did. All his personnel are super nice and helpful. I totally recommend.

Elizabeth B.

I had back pain for over 30 years. After just a few months with Dr. Ron and his staff, my back pain was gone and no bursitis in over a year.

Katie Z.

I have been coming here since last December after my car accident. Dr. Ron is very professional and I felt much better after the treatments. Now I am still coming for adjustments. I have to mention that he offers health workshop for his patients. They are very informative and I have learned a lot from his workshops!

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