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Over the years since Berryessa Chiropractic has been in the community of San Jose, it would not be where it is now without our brilliant staff. I have the opportunity to introduce to you my amazing team. They make all the things possible for me.


Diane has been with our Chiropractic practice from the start. She is our certified massage therapist. Our success throughout the years of practice would not be the same without her extensive knowledge, witty personality and sense of humor that all our patient's love.

As for our other staff, they are all very well qualified and caring as you will discover when you come to the office.  Every member of our staff is extraordinary and proficient in all patient needs. If you have any question or concerns almost anyone will have an answer for you. 

We have wide varieties of workshops and events that we do with local schools like Summerdale Elementary school and businesses like Broadcom. We have coordinated annual events such as Community Wellness Day and even co-host an event with our City's Council Member Kansen Chu this year. Without Diane and the rest of our great staff, things like this seem impossible. They are the spirit of my office.


My team has what it takes to take care of our patients and we want to take care of everyone in our San Jose community so we look forward to seeing you soon!

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